Author: Sara Lindsey

The herd follows

By no means the world’s end (or is it?)

Here lies ones ability to grow bored immediately after the trade hollers.


what else is there? A creative dream to speak of with steel people nobody here understands.

I hear them and THEY are coming.


Crazy Bunny Body

Art Auction

She is up for grabs. A large canvas and watercolor, a hint acrylic. I have signed it. Though not in blood. No rememory, please. I agreed to come here long ago as I am my biggest fan. Play has been grand- art and nature took my breath away.

I’d like you make an offer on my piece O bunny. Just add it to the overall joke I’m guessing you know I am pulling.

Of course you will need a souvenir. 💰

Humans are gross

They look like eggs with pimply skin upon no new earth grow. The animals laugh at their ridiculous cues with mental dimwits they spend their hues. Their souls escape, death from bore, upon a gate they never see. Like there’s a gate. Fags. It’s Eternal SILENCE. 🤣🤣🤣