Let me make you a Gift Basket

Dude I’ve been obsessed. And I’d say quite gifted. (Pun not intended BLEED DAT!) If you want a gift basket for ANYONE give me a shout via email. Speaking of the positives of obsession: good deals on great products as the owner is obsessed with creating <gift baskets.> Be it for a birthday, castle warming or the best, “thinking of you,” allow me to ensure your happiness as well as your chosen counter-part.

Price lists are difficult here as size, occasion, etc should be understood. But I’ve 3 incredible baskets for $27 each. Buyer is free to suggest colors, themes, etc. I’ll take care of it.

Lemme know!

Email me anytime!


#greatgiftsforwomen #greatgiftsformen #greatgiftsformom #greatgiftsfordad

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