Her Son Needed to Let Her Know

The phone was the meeting place for Sara Lindsey (SL) and the client. The information collected was only the gender of the passed on loved one and the relationship to client. Sara Lindsey knew she would be talking to the passed-on son but nothing of his age or any other detail from his life. The client had given no further detail as she was a skeptic.

After a brief hello of under two minutes, Sara Lindsey began to hear the client’s passed-on son speaking firmly that he was coming through to talk to his mother. He spoke in a firm tone and let SL know she could inform his mother that he was insisting she use this tone to let his mom know it was indeed her son. SL relayed the information to the client from her passed-on son.

The client was quiet. Sara Lindsey did not know of the client and her son’s inside joke. It was later confirmed the client and her son recently had a lengthy conversation about how important the tone of one’s voice is- perhaps even more important, they discussed, than the choice of one’s words.

Sara Lindsey then confirmed the client’s son is indeed safe and at peace. Client was calm and most appreciative.

In the interest of privacy, names have been omitted.

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